S. No. Lecture Title Topics Vanue Date
1. Computer Education and Career Councelling Important of Computer Education, Internet Technologies Awareness, Internet Scecurity, Career Inhancement, Motivation. VIT Computer Center, Chittorgarh 20 June 2013
2. Web Development using ASP.Net and C#. ASP.Net architecture, ADO.Net, MS SQL Server, Web Site Hosting/Publishing Mewar Girls College, Chittorgarh 2014
3. Function Oriented Software Design Software Design Concepts, Data Flow Diagrams(DFD), Data Dictionary, Control Flow Diagrams  (CFD), ERD Mewar Girls College, Chittorgarh 2014
4. Cloud Computing and Services Evolution of Computing, Cloud Architecture, Cloud data store, Various Cloud platforms, Big data. Mewar Girls College, Chittorgarh 21 Sep 2016